Chocolate, custom horse and Cobalt & the chinook!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Today I decorated my gingerbread house with lots of icing and chocolate!
mine's on the left, the other is my brother's ;)
making it

And made chocolate leaves (but some broke :()
leaves in fridge
in the fridge drying
link to how to make them

a few days ago we went for a walk, and I took one of my models, Cobalt. There was a chinook flying around...

wonderful pony
Cobalt looking over the fields with his halter I made early in the morning, lol.

Cobalt looking at the sky - I love this photo!

eek long grass!
Cobalt in long grass!

what's that
eeek what's THAT?!

a chinook
a chinook!

new pony
the horse i just finished painting!



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